Downloading and Installing LVB

Downloading LVB:

The latest release of LVB can be downloaded from the following links:

To download the lastest developmental version of LVB, visit the LVB GitHub repository. 

Alternatively, the developmental of LVB can be downloaded on any UNIX machine using the 'git clone' command.

git clone 

Once downloaded, LVB is unpacked using the following commands (assumming the LVB download is in the current directory):

  1. gunzip LVB-3.5.tar.gz
  2. tar xvf lvb-3.5.tar
  3. cd lvb/


  1. unzip
  2. cd lvb/

If cloning from GitHub decompression is not required, simply change directories:

cd lvb/

Installing LVB:

To install LVB run the makefile:


To ensure LVB was installed correctly run the make test command.

make test

LVB encompasses 42 tests. All tests should pass. If any of the tests fail LVB may not run as intended.